Snickers Non Holster Shorts for sale at Snickers Direct. Explore our range of Non Holster Shorts, the perfect lightweight option for summer workwear.

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Snickers 6153 AllroundWork Stretch Shorts
Snickers 6153 AllroundWork Stretch ShortsModel: 6153 DescriptionEveryday stretch shorts, design..
Snickers 6112 LiteWork 37.5® Work Shorts
Snickers 6112 LiteWork 37.5® Work Shorts Model: 6112   Description Lightweight work shorts ..
Snickers 6914 FlexiWork Work Shorts
Snickers 6914 FlexiWork Work ShortsModel: 6914 DescriptionFor superior flexibility and comfort ..
Snickers 6102 LiteWork Shorts
Snickers 6102 LiteWork Shorts Model: 6102   Description Super-light quick-drying work short..
Snickers 6108 LiteWork Stretch Shorts Holster Pockets
Snickers 6108 LiteWork Shorts Holster Pockets Model: 6108   Description A pair of s..
Snickers 6132 LiteWork Hi-Vis Shorts
Snickers 6132 LiteWork Hi-Vis ShortsModel: 6132 DescriptionThese light and comfortable shorts c..
Snickers 6143 Allroundwork Stretch Shorts
Snickers 6143 Allroundwork Stretch ShortsModel: 6143 DescriptionSlim fit work shorts in stretch..
Snickers 3123 Craftsmen Rip-Stop Shorts
Snickers 3123 Craftsmen Shorts Rip-Stop Mens Model: 3123   Description Beat the hea..
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