Cofra Safety Footwear originates from the south of Italy, known as one of the upcoming brands in the safety industry. At Snickers Direct, we have a huge range of Cofra safety boots for sale, ideal for a range of work environments and industries. From classic safety boots to safety trainers and wellingtons, we have a huge variety of Cofra safety footwear available to suit your needs. 
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Cofra Guerin Safety Trainers
Cofra Guerin Safety Trainers Model: Guerin- DescriptionBlue punched suede leather shoe, SANY-DR..
Cofra Montserrat GORE-TEX Safety Boots
Product Showcase Demo Product Showcase Demo × ..
Cofra Summit Waterproof Safety Boots
 Cofra Summit Waterproof Safety BootsModel: Summit- DescriptionThis is brand new boot to t..
Cofra Brimir GORE-TEX Safety Boots
Cofra Brimir GORE-TEX Safety Boots Model: Cofra Brimir DescriptionThe Cofra Brimir is tailored ..
Cofra Galarr GORE-TEX Safety Boots
Cofra Galarr GORE-TEX Safety Boots Model: GALARR- DescriptionThe Cofra Galarr GORE-TEX safety b..
Cofra Gullveig GORE-TEX Wide Fit Rigger Boots
Cofra Gullveig GORE-TEX Rigger Boots Composite Toe Caps MidsoleModel: Gullveig CofraDescription of t..
Cofra Kress ESD Safety Trainers
Cofra Kress ESD Safety TrainersModel: Cofra Kress DescriptionThe Cofra Kress is an ESD safety t..
Cofra Modigliani Black Metal Free Safety Boots
Cofra Modigliani Black Metal Free Safety BootsModel: Cofra Modigliani Black DescriptionThe Cofr..
Cofra Safest Black Cold Protection Safety Wellingtons
Cofra Safest Black Wellington BootsModel: Cofra Safest DescriptionThe Cofra Safest Black are mo..
Cofra Thermic Green Metatarsal Safety Boots
Cofra Thermic Green Safety WellingtonsModel: THERMICGREEN DescriptionThe Cofra Thermic are meta..
Cofra Weddell Metal Free Safety Boots
Cofra Weddell Metal Free Safety BootsModel: Cofra Weddell DescriptionThe Cofra Weddell is a ver..
Cofra Frosti GORE-TEX Safety Boots
Cofra Frosti GORE-TEX Safety BootsModel: FROSTI DescriptionCofra Frosti safety boots offer unbe..
Cofra Galetti GORE-TEX Safety Trainers
 Cofra Galetti GORE-TEX Safety TrainersModel: GALETTI- DescriptionThe Cofra Galetti Safety..
Cofra Glenr GORE-TEX Safety Boots
 Cofra Glenr GORE-TEX Safety BootsModel: Cofra Glenr DescriptionThe Cofra Glenr safety boo..
Cofra Griffis ESD Safety Trainers
Cofra Griffis ESD Safety Shoes  Model: Griffis-Description of the Cofra Griffis ESD Safety..

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