Composite & Non Metallic safety boots for sale at Snickers Direct. These safety boots are lightweight and comfortable, maintaining the high amount of protection as steel toe capped boots. Check out our range of Composite & Non Metallic safety boots now!
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Cofra Montserrat GORE-TEX Safety Boots
Product Showcase Demo Product Showcase Demo × ..
Cofra Brimir GORE-TEX Safety Boots
Cofra Brimir GORE-TEX Safety Boots Model: Cofra Brimir DescriptionThe Cofra Brimir is tailored ..
Cofra Gullveig GORE-TEX Wide Fit Rigger Boots
Cofra Gullveig GORE-TEX Rigger Boots Composite Toe Caps MidsoleModel: Gullveig CofraDescription of t..
Cofra Modigliani Black Metal Free Safety Boots
Cofra Modigliani Black Metal Free Safety BootsModel: Cofra Modigliani Black DescriptionThe Cofr..
Cofra Weddell Metal Free Safety Boots
Cofra Weddell Metal Free Safety BootsModel: Cofra Weddell DescriptionThe Cofra Weddell is a ver..
Jallatte Jalarcher Black Safety Boots
Jallatte Jalarcher Black Safety BootsModel: JJV28- DescriptionThe Jalllatte Jalarcher is made f..
Amblers FS38C Black Safety Shoes
Amblers FS38C Safety Shoes Model: FS38C DescriptionNon metallic safety shoe from our budget ran..
Jallatte Jalsiberien GORE-TEX Safety Boots
Jallatte Jalsiberien GORE-TEX Safety BootsModel: JJV33 DescriptionJalsiberien Safety boot uses ..
Amblers FS222 Safety Rigger Boots
Amblers Safety Rigger BootsModel: FS222 DescriptionFS222 is a hardwearing industrial boot benef..
Amblers FS34C Blue/Grey Safety Trainers
Amblers Composite Safety TrainersModel: FS34C DescriptionStylish unisex safety trainer with com..
Amblers FS40C Black Safety Trainers
Amblers Black Safety TrainersModel: FS40C DescriptionStylish safety trainer with a lightweight..
Cofra Baranof UK Cold Protection Safety Boots
Cofra Baranof UK Thinsulate Lined Rigger BootsModel: BARANOF-UK- DescriptionThe Cofra Baranof U..
Cofra Bragi Cold Protection Safety Boots
Cofra Bragi Wide Fit Safety BootsModel: Cofra Bragi DescriptionCofra Bragi safety boots are tai..
Cofra Tutankamon GORE-TEX Safety Boots
 Cofra Tutankamon GORE-TEX Safety BootsModel: Cofra TutankamonDescriptionThe Cofra Tutankamon i..
DeWalt Hammer Safety Boots Brown Composite Toe Cap
DeWalt Hammer Safety Work Boots BrownMobel Hammer DewaltDescription Of the Dewalt HammerThis Light ..
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